TRANSIT is a travel culture magazine sold throughout Japan.
The design was renewed from issue 52. We took charge of art direction and design.
We drew a number of standard grids and designed the margins, text, based on them.
We mixed the best of TRANSIT’s past with the new trends and assembled them in our own interpretation.




今までのTRANSITの良さと新しい流れを混ぜ合わせThere Thereの解釈で組み立てました。




Art Direction:渡辺和音(There There)
Design:渡辺和音・手塚朋子・中川凱晴・藤原佐和子(There There)
Edit:euphoria FACTORY co., ltd.

TRANSIT Travel Guide

A guidebook launched from the travel culture magazine TRANSIT. Responsible for art direction and design. The majority of this book is dedicated to spot information pages, establishing a foundational grid for layout. While maintaining the atmosphere of the magazine TRANSIT, the goal was to present the information in an organized manner.


トラベルカルチャー雑誌 TRANSITから創刊されたガイドブック。アートディレクション・デザインを担当。





Art Direction:渡辺和音(There There)
Design:手塚朋子・中川凱晴・藤原佐和子(There There)
Edit:euphoria FACTORY co., ltd.